Domina's Valley 28

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Season 5: Summer in the Heights
Chapter 28 – City of the Rising Hips

•Standard Edition: U$D 6 (pictures & text)

•Plus Edition: U$D 7,5 (pictures & text + pictures only + Bonus renders)

•Ultimate Edition: U$D 10 (Standard + PLUS + X-Variants renders + Video Slideshow with high frame for growth and 6 zoom scenes)

Pages: 194/+207/+238 (JPG) | Size: 93/+95/+16 Mb | Resolution: 1920x1080
Video: 15min (MP4) | Size: 547+201 Mb | Resolution: 1920x1080

In his backyard, Peter Tyson realizes Jessy's hips seem even higher than a couple of days before the Spring Ball: it is nearly level with his face, at least while she wears heels. That leads them into another passionate night of love and a strange dream...

That same weekend, Harrison realizes he is shorter than he should be, which bothers him. Also, why is everyone else overlooking the fact? Has he been cursed?

As Harrison can't reach his girlfriend's breasts anymore and is looking up at his sister's ass, he wonders how those hips could rise so high and...will they rise even higher?

Short answer: yes!

#bmtbguy #TallWoman #Tall Girl #DominasValley #GiantessDream #HeightComparison #Slowgrowth #MegaGTS

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14 ratings
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Domina's Valley 28

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