Cheap Tricks 42

3 ratings
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Cheap Tricks 42

3 ratings

Season 4 – Gianness City's Stories
Chapter 42 – Tony is a Dick!

•Plus Edition: U$D 2 (pictures & text + pictures only)
Pages: 127+127 (JPG) | Size: 56+56 Mb | Resolution: 1920x1080

Tony is a Dick but, why is Vanessa is amused about it? In this chapter, we explore the life of one of the luckiest men on Earth, and how his denseness can make him look like a bad person, also creating some spicy developments!

Some integration with the other stories comes up while the plot and the new render engine are also being explored in this "practical test chapter".

•ULTIMATE: U$D 5 (Extended Edition pictures & text + pictures only+Video)
Pages: 332+332 (JPG) | Size: 150+150 Mb | Resolution: 1920x1080
Video: 30min (MP4) | Size: 210 mb | Resolution: 1920x1080 (slideshow only)

The Ultimate edition this time comes with a spicy topping: more 207 panels with 5 additional extensions featuring our beloved girls and some special guests in dream sequences in the middle of the main story, exploring their thoughts, extra info, possibilities and, yes, GROWTH! Some growth are dreams, and some are REAL!

The Extended Edition was possible thank to your support at https://www.patreon.com/Bmtbguy and is at the same price of the Medium Supporter tier, U$D 5, where you have additional bonusses and even a spicier version of it! Come and live the dream!

•THE ULTIMATE X-Variant is a Patreon Exclusive U$D 5 Tier and can't be sold here :(

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This comic is also a bonus granted to patrons at Patreon accordingly to tier. *The Standard version is free to read at LiveTheGianterssDream.com ***Extended Edition is exclusive to Patrons and paid costumers so I can finance myself. **** There is an EXCLUSIVE X-Variant of this comic available to the upper tier Patrons

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